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About Zenode

Zenode is an MVC reorganization of PHP8's default workflow that provides a fully-featured, blazing fast, zero-dependencies, security focused starting template for all kinds of online projects. It abstracts away the implementation of a backend's most essential technical and security standards into a single controller file for the programmer to tinker with. The source includes this website as both self-documented sample and configuration testing suite.

Although zenode is system agnostic, it's primarily built for NGINX + UNIX systems to take full advantage of its scalability and performance. Enabling even computationally expensive services to run on deprecated, budget hardware and even microcontrollers like the RbPiZero or the BPI-M2.


  • ■ MVC redesign of PHP's default workflow
  • ■ Zero bullshit, blazing fast HTML templating
  • ■ Fully featured session and account management including timeouts, inactivity checkers, bans, etc.
  • ■ IP filtering, tracking and banning
  • ■ Sanitized URL routing and HTTP(s) request interface
  • ■ Cross-platform, runs on anything that can run PHP and a webserver
  • ■ Scalable, customizable, secure, source code can be read in 10 minutes
  • ■ Tiny code base providing only the very essentials, zero libraries, zero dependencies, fully native
  • ■ Independent & efficient CAPTCHA protection
  • ■ Example website, configuration tester and documentation included!
  • ■ Database management scripts included
  • ■ Faster than the alternatives or your money back
  • ■ Active and open development
  • ■ It's fucking free
  • ■ Security focused NGINX configuration file included
  • ■ MIT Licensed


The project's source code is very small, commented, and designed to be skimmed through in a coffee cup worth of time. As an extra learning aid, the documentation section has an overview of the starting template's directory layout and source file summary. This very website is included in the repo as well.


A zenode instance takes 10 minutes to install and configure, refer to the clone section for a step by step guide to setting up your very own (ze)node.


Made by the admin in his free time.

// Zenode is free software maintained by its community
If you'd like to help the project out, consider making a donation or contributing to the development.